Day 34, 35 36 Thur Fri Sat June 15, 16 and 17

We made it home! After dropping Sara off to the airport at 6:30 am, Jeff and I hit the road.  We drove 1900 + miles in three days!  It was a VERY long ride and my butt was really killing me!!  We were more than ready to stop living out of our car! Reflections of our trip: I am more than grateful to have spent this time with Jeff.  I feel that this trip has allowed us to make memories that we will forever keep in our hearts.  Yes there were times we were homesick, and tired of each other.  Yes it was hard at times to be living out of our car, but there were more times where we laughed and explored this great country.  It is surreal to think we did it, it is hard to remember all the things we did, but over time I am sure we will share stories here and there of what we did. One of my favorite stories happened near the end of the trip.  We were at a construction zone on a road where we had to wait for the lead car to take us through the construction.  We were first in line.  There wa

Day 33 Wed June 13

Today was the day that we were to drop Sara off at the airport....sad sad day.  We had decided to go see the Badlands before she needed to be at the airport.  Along the way we came across a place where you could feed the prairie dogs!  Who doesn't like to feed prairie dogs?  So of course we stopped and Jeff had the best time of all of us!  He was the first brave one to let them eat out of his hands. Then onto the badlands.  The kids went for a couple of walk/hikes.  Jeff was like a little boy climbing high on the peaks and jumping!  Loved watching them. We then stopped at Wall Drug for lunch.  It was not a very exciting trip as it was just filled with tourist stuff, but we did have our free ice water! On our way to the airport, we found out that Sara's flight was delayed which meant she could not catch her connecting flight!  YEAH for us!!  The only flights available at this point were for tomorrow morning so we got to have her another night!  In cele

Day 32 Tuesday June 12

I thought today was going to be tough.  We had to drive from Yellowstone to Custer State Park.  Over 300 miles.  Spent most of the day in the car, eating at Pizza Hut for lunch was the highlight. Until.....we made it to the Needles Highway.  Both Jeff and Sara took turns driving, the road was windy, narrow and lots of skinny tunnels to go through! From the Needles Highway we did the wildlife loop in Custer.  We saw baby buffalo, prairie dogs, the burros (although they were very far away), some deer and some antelope. After all that fun, we checked into our hotel which was right down the street from Mount Rushmore.  We went to the evening program and watched them light up the faces. All and all it was a busy but fun day!

Day 31: Monday June 11

Today was a day of driving the other loop at Yellowstone.  We saw an Elk, more Buffalo including one that was just walking down the street! We also saw some really pretty hot springs, and a couple of waterfalls. The day of course would not be complete without seeing Old Faithful go off!

Day 30 Sunday June 10

Today we moved from the Tetons to Yellowstone.  It was a lot of driving in the car, but so worth the views and scenery.  We saw three bears, two which had cubs with them,  iots of buffalo, some elk, and more antelope. We drive to some sulfur pools and got our first stink of the day! The park still had snow so of course the kids stopped for a snowball fight!  It even snowed some during the day! We even saw a beautiful waterfall! Today we head back to Yellowstone for the day, tomorrow we have to say goodbye to Janet and Dave and head to Mount Rushmore!

Day 29 Saturday June 9

Today we got up and explored the Tetons.   We stopped at Jenny Lake where Janet and I took a boat across to the hiking trail for the hidden falls and Dave, Sara and Jeff hiked around the lake and met us there. We saw our first buffalo, and antelope. Later in the day we went on a river float down the Snake River and saw a bald eagle and a mother moose and her young one. The views were amazing.  Sorry for all the pictures, but you should count yourselves lucky because I have saw many more!

Day 28 Friday June 8

Today started out awesome!  We went to the museum of clean!  Yup thats right, learned all about clean.  Our guide at the museum was funny and it was a great spot to spend an hour or so!  Even Dave liked it! We then got to Jackson Hole, took a ride into downtown and saw a shootout.  We also found the bar where you sit on saddles while having a drink!  Now we are at the campground relaxing and the kids are playing games.  Good day